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by Vicki Moser, CTN

The First Garden

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Have you ever thought about the first home God ever made for man and woman?  It was a garden.  In my back yard I have a space that is my prayer garden where I grow most of my herbs.  I have a plaque in that garden that reads “Time Began In  a Garden”.   I love that.  What it reinforces for me is that God is very interested in what we eat and drink.  He spent time with Adam and Eve explaining what was for their food in the garden and what was not for their food.  Man’s fall came as a result of eating something God didn’t intend to be eaten.  Food and water are God given for the sustenance and healing of man and the right to choose what we eat and drink should be a God given right. 

         He has created such a variety for us and not only is it enjoyable to eat, but it beautiful to look at and as a side benefit, it heals us.  On April 30th a vote will be taken that could, again take freedoms from us that change all of that forever.  As a young adult I would never have dreamed that prayer in schools would be banned, or that Christian people would allow the infanticide of unborn babies. 

           Please join me this week in praying  that our liberty to decide what to drink, what to eat, or to pray for healing in hospitals and in public forums as well as using lotions, oils, vegetable juices and herbs for safe healing as an alternative to drugs and surgeries  on APRIL 30TH will not be slowly taken away.



Written by cosmicallybeffudled

September 29, 2007 at 2:55 pm

Posted in herbs, politics

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