Better Health Naturally

by Vicki Moser, CTN

Acidic Body

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What really causes arthritis, inflammation of the joints?  There can be several causes, but the most common is, of course, a lifestyle choice. 

            The most common alkalizing element that the body uses is sodium (not sodium chloride, table salt).  Sodium is found in vegetables and fruits.  The body does not store sodium, it must be consumed daily.  If the diet is very acid, the body is acid, maybe you even have acid reflux, the first concern of the body is the blood.  The blood must stay within a very narrow range of pH to keep you alive.  If your lifestyle makes you very acid, the body first looks for sodium.  If you haven’t had any fruits and vegetables that day or if you have not had enough, the next most alkaline mineral is calcium. 

            The body does store calcium.  Not only is it in every cell of the body, it is stored in great quantities in the bones and teeth.  So, guess what happens if you are eating a diet of meat, potatoes and bread and under a lot of stress?  No sodium is available and not enough calcium, therefore the body begins to rob calcium from the bones and teeth in order to keep you alive.

            Now, another aspect of this problem comes from anti-acids.  The minerals in your foods are supposed to be digested in the stomach by the hydrochloric acid secreted in glands in the stomach.  When you have an over acid stomach caused by your diet, coffee, tea, pop, fried foods, meat, grains, etc. and you aren’t producing enough HCL and pepsin to digest these already over acid foods, it burns.  If you take anti-acids they absorb the acid from the foods and then suppress the HCL glands, so that next meal you produce even less HCL which actually is making your condition worse.

            Eat your vegetables and fruits and you will hurt less, burp less and burn less, giving you Better Health, Naturally. 


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October 1, 2007 at 1:48 am

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