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by Vicki Moser, CTN

Flax Oil

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Flax is a food that has been a part of my regular diet for several years now.  If you have not tried it yet, please do.  It is best if you can buy the seeds and grind it yourself.  That way you can be assured that there are no fillers, weeds, etc. in the mix.  Also, the seeds will last at least two years or more, if kept in a dark place with low humidity.  After they are ground they need to be refrigerated.  To grind your own you will need a coffee/herb grinder.  A regular blender will not work. 

            I recommend the meal instead of the oil because with the oil you only get the omega 3 fatty acid and miss out on the protein, lignans (a phyto estrogen that protects against cancer) and fiber that protects against colon cancer.

            Adults can take 1 tablespoon- ¼ cup of flax a day and it can be added to soups, salad dressings, meat loaf, cereal, etc.  It has a nutty flavor and complements almost any food.  It is also safe for children.  A teaspoon of flax oil can be given to a child for constipation.

            Flax has proven to be effective for a myriad of health problems including asthma, colon cancer, menopause, prostate cancer, and inflammation among many others.  Any time you improve colon health, you improve the health of your entire body.

            My favorite flax recipe is for flax crackers.  Soak 2 cups of flax seeds in two cups of water overnight.  The next day add the juice of one lemon or lime and two tablespoons of Bragg’s Amino Acids.  Spread the mixture over the fruit roll up tray of  your dehydrator in a very thin layer and dehydrate for approximately four hours or until the seeds break up easily into small sections like crackers.  They are delicious! Add flax to your diet for a great way to have Better Health, Naturally. 


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October 1, 2007 at 1:39 am

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