Better Health Naturally

by Vicki Moser, CTN


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        Everyone seems to be drinking more water.  So much so, that the soft drink companies noticed and started bottling water.  Water is a very important part of our physical make-up.  Without it there would be no blood, no lymph fluid, no electrical currents in the body, and no brain function just to name a few things.  We would be a handful of dust.  
So, does it matter what water we drink?  I believe so.  Tap water is pretty much off limits.  In most small towns now, people are told to either boil the water or drink bottled water.  Some are told not to let pregnant or nursing women or children drink the water.  I don’t know about you, but if it isn’t good for them, I don’t want to drink it either.

But, bottled water can also just be tap water.  There really is no good regulation of that industry.  As with many other issues concerning what you consume, read the label.  If it says reverse osmosis or R.O. water or carbon filtered water, that would be better than just spring water or water bottled by soft drink companies that add chemicals.  
I am always asked how much water should a person drink.  You really cannot give one answer that is applicable to everyone, but that being said, one half your weight in ounces of water a day is a good general rule of thumb.  Tea, coffee and pop are not substitutes, because they act either as diuretics or cause water retention because of chemical content.
Our earth is almost totally covered in water, Jesus said I am the living water, we are made primarily of water, I think you can safely say, water is crucial to life.  Pay attention to it, drink it, protect it.  Most of the world still has to carry their water over long distances every day, so give thanks for your water. 


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October 1, 2007 at 1:34 am

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