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by Vicki Moser, CTN

Colon Cleanse

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colon.jpgWhat is a colon cleanse and do you need one?  The colon is the large intestine.  It is approximately 6 feet long and consists of five layers of muscle.  It starts in the lower right hand side of the pelvic area just above the appendix, comes straight up the abdomen, is attached to the body in that corner, goes across the body just below the rib cage, is attached to the body on the left side and then continues down the body more towards the back on the right side, then empties into the rectum.  This is just one of the many tubes and pipes in the body.

            The colon is the main sewer pipe for the body.  It should be about two inches in diameter, but can expand as wide as the width of your expanded hand from thumb to little finger.  It will expand and be tender and painful if you are full of gas or if your colon has layers of plaque from a poor diet.  This also becomes the perfect environment for parasites or mold/yeast/fungus infections.

 Your nutrition is absorbed in the small intestine and the waste is emptied into the colon.  At this time it is still liquid.  As it comes up and over it should begin to dry out and become solid.   This multilayered muscle continues to move the waste along and eventually empties it from the body.  As with any sewer system, eventually the pipes need to be cleaned out. 

            There are many wonderful herbs that will scrub and clean the colon, absorb toxins and stimulate the muscles action that moves the waste out.  I recommend that you do a colon cleanse at least twice a year, along with a parasite cleanse.  If you have bleeding in your stool or constant diarrhea or if you are pregnant, do not use herbs that stimulate and clean the colon without first consulting your practitioner.

            Cleaning your colon is a great way to have Better Health, Naturally.


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October 7, 2007 at 7:21 pm

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