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by Vicki Moser, CTN

Disaster Managment

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survival.jpgWhat can you do to prepare for a disaster?  It could be a natural disaster or a man-made disaster.  Many people are wondering, what can I do to be more prepared?

            1.  Every member of your family should have a 72 hour kit in a pack that can be easily carried.  This would contain necessities that are necessary for your survival if you could not get to a store or into your home.

            2. You should have in you home a 3 week supply of everything you would need, including clean water, to survive if you couldn’t get to a store.

3. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) – Call 1-800-480-2520 to request their free book,  ”Are You Ready?”

            3. Have a three month supply of a powdered food supply that is made from fruits, vegetables and protein powder to supplement you diet if necessary.

            4. Have a good supply of herbal teas such as Essiac Tea, Pau d Arco tea, etc. to help with fighting infections and to keep your immune system healthy.

            5. The Anti-Plague formula is a must.  You should have 8oz for each person in your household.  The Lord gave this formula to John Christopher in the early 1900’s when he kept getting the question, what herbal remedy can we use to fight the plagues that the Bible predicts are going to come.  My people that use this formula testify that one swig is all you need to stop any flu or cold that you feel coming on.

            6. It would be good to have an herbal formula for the lungs. Something with Lobelia would be good.

            In these uncertain times, the one thing you can do to help yourself, is to be prepared.


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October 7, 2007 at 8:02 pm

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