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by Vicki Moser, CTN

Taking care of a loved one

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Who takes care of the care giver?  Some of the most awesome, awe inspiring people I have had the privilege of meeting and sometimes helping are the care givers of this world. I am sure all of you know someone who fits this description. The person who daily tends their elderly parent who is beyond realizing what is being done for them.  A parent who is sometimes even verbally abusive, but is still taken care of with the utmost love and compassion. Or the parent or grandparent caring for a child who will forever be challenged either physically or mentally.  A child who will never live up to the hopes and dreams conceived for them while carried in the womb.We, on the outside, look at these people, these caretakers, and marvel at their strength and fortitude and wonder if we will ever be called on to do the same for a loved one.    

         A medical university did a study using the young medical doctors as their participants.  They hooked the med students up to sensors as they watched hours of video.  Some videos were of the doctors taking care of their patients in a medical setting.  Many of the videos were of the doctors caring for their own loved ones.  What they discovered was very interesting. When doing their job, caring for the sick, they were energized and enthused. When, however, they saw themselves caring for their own family, they became tired, drained and emotional.  Because of their emotional and spiritual connection to their loved ones, the task of care taking took a great toll on their own health, rest and energy. I challenge you to find that one hero you know who takes care of a loved one a daily basis and offer your services on a regular basis to give them a break from the routine that is so hard on them.  Many of these care takers never complain, but perhaps all they need is someone who “sees” what they are doing and gives them encouragement.  By giving this way you are not only improving your own health naturally, but also that of the caretaker. 


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January 4, 2008 at 4:12 am

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