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by Vicki Moser, CTN

Yeast Infections

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Why do I see so many people with yeast/fungus mold/mildew infections?  What is it about our area or perhaps even the country that this kind of infection has become epidemic?          First consider the role these organisms fulfill in nature.  Anytime there is decay that needs to be removed, there are organisms in nature to help with the decomposition and cleanup.  Consider the terrain of the inside of the body.  It is a dark, warm, moist environment that is totally conducive to the growth of these organisms.  Then consider the condition of most digestive tracts.  They are slow and sluggish with much undigested food that either rots or ferments when in a dark, warm, moist environment.           

 When you either breathe in the spores or eat them on food that is not fresh, they find a home that is just what they need to flourish and have a family.  They begin to grow and coat the digestive tract and can eventually enter the blood stream and travel to any part of the body, causing the symptoms of almost any disease.         

 So, what are the symptoms of this kind of infection?  They are myriad and mysterious because they move around the body, causing inflammation and blocking absorption of nutrition.  Some symptoms are visible such as atheletes foot, thrush, and vaginal yeast.  Many symptoms, however, are not such as heart disease, cancer, depression, asthma and arthritis.          Contributing factors to the overgrowth are prolonged antibiotics, birth control pills, steroid therapy, malnourishment, chemo and radiation, stress, diets high in sugar and grains and overwhelming exposure to fungal spores and mold, such as an old musty building, flooding in a house, etc.         

To conquer this infection you must change your diet, (so that you are not feeding the infection) and take the proper supplements to begin to kill the infection.  Your thyroid must be functioning optimally or you cannot fight any infection.  And you must have normal bowel function in order to eliminate the infection.         

 I know it sounds complicated, but even in Leviticus in the Bible we are told that if mold cannot be removed from a home, it must be torn down stone by stone.  It is a serious problem that is causing many diseases.


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January 4, 2008 at 3:43 am

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