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by Vicki Moser, CTN


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One of my favorite herbs is cilantro.  I almost never make a vegetable salad without fresh cilantro, and I always grow it in my garden so that I will have fresh all summer.  Cilantro is actually the small leaves of the young Coriander plant and is sometimes called Chinese cilantro.  Did you know that it is mentioned in the Bible, and it was used as early as 1550 BC for culinary and medicinal purposes.

            Ethiopians chew the leaves to relieve colic and stomachaches.  The Lebanese use coriander as a spice and for gas and as a stimulant.  The Unani consider coriander seed as an aphrodisiac and a tonic to the brain, heart, and liver.  Ayurvedics recommend coriander for dysentery.  Iranians smoke coriander fruits for toothaches and chew the leaf for headaches.  Be careful with coriander seeds though, because, eaten in excess they may have a narcotic affect.

            I think the most valuable health use is one that modern research has discovered for us.  Cilantro has proven effective in chelating (removing) minerals and heavy metals from the body, especially mercury and iodine. Also, like many carrot-related spices, coriander contains coumarins that have blood-thinning properties.  I use cilantro capsules for this purpose frequently.  But, most of all, I like to just stroll through my garden in the evening and pick a few leaves and chew them.


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March 17, 2008 at 3:53 pm

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